FIRST VISIT in Huber Heights - WHAT TO EXPECT...

Chiropractic Huber Heights OH First Visit

The purpose of the first visit in Huber Heights is...
to find out what is causing your body to malfunction, which will result in a lower state of health and healing, along with the symptoms and pain your body may be experiencing.

Examinations by our Huber Heights chiropractor

We do this by completing a thorough examination, a consultation, and necessary x-rays. Each test is done to determine what is the cause of the problem.

The tests include:

  • Range of Motion Study
  • Postural Analysis
  • Sensation Study
  • Palpation Study
  • Strength Study
  • Bilateral weight Analysis
  • X-Rays - these help doctor Peltier visualize the position of the spinal vertebrae.
    *No X-Rays will ever be taken if you are pregnant.*

Our doctor will review your x-rays and the results of your examination with you in a report of findings.

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